sabato 30 gennaio 2010

Bari makes to a great teacher of the Italian music free: Armando Trovajoli

"If you want to make music, love her as a woman is loved": few words to explain the sense of a life it reimburses for the music and in the music, that of Armando Trovajoli, one of the greatest Italian composers of the '900, signature of the sonorous columns of over 300 films from De Sica to it Drains. Yesterday morning this teacher of the Italian music has been protagonist of the "Lesson of Cinema" organized within the Bif&st 2010. In the unpublished dress of interviewer Walter Veltroni which is stopped more times to reflect on the extraordinary figure of Trovajoli; "this man has produced music whose melodies live in every of us" has declared the ex secretary of the pd that has preferred to ask questions rather than to answer on the themes of the politics.

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